Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Dream

Gonna do something different because, you know, I gotta be different. I'm not a fan of talking about myself, but I do like to share things, and I want to share an awesome Toonami promo - if you don't know what Toonami is then you missed out. It was a collection of actiony cartoons (mostly animes) on Cartoon Network, and I'd rush home every weekday after school to catch it. Yes, that's right, once upon a time Cartoon Network was actually something watchable. I told you you missed out.

In regards to the toonami promo, it spells out how I feel about sci-fi/fantasy genre. It’s the inspiration that makes us go out and pursue what we do, to create what we create, to turn the imaginary into reality. Like looking up at the night sky and thinking: “I’m totally going to get my ass to Mars.”

And it’s flat out friggin awesome what people can do when inspired by sci-fi/fantasy, like create real lightsabers – okay, so it’s not quite the same, but you can pretend! Hopefully one day we will get to Mars or maybe one of the moons Jupiter and explore another world, besides the ones in our heads. But until then we have to keep dreaming, and even if we don’t make it, those dreams will be left behind for others to pick up and carry on. We’ll make it, in some shape or form, humans may be stupid at times but we’ve got perseverance, like a cockroach – just not as crunchy.

So keep on dreaming, who knows what it might turn into tomorrow.

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